Repairs and RestorationsRepair and Restorations1

The restoration process is a highly skilled, labour intensive process. The length of this procedure will vary depending on the type of repair or restoration.

With a full action and strungback rebuild no action component will be left untouched. In brief this includes the removal of the frame, sanding down, reshimming any splits in the soundboard, the revarnish of the soundboard, repin and restring of the entire piano, stripping down of the action, keys and damper mechanism and to refelt, recentre recover and reface where required. Finally to ensure that the instrument plays to its best ability, a full regulation will be given (which is the adjustment of all acion parts).

Repair Services offered in brief:-

Soundboard Repairs
Full Action Repairs
Hammer Recovering/ Renewal/ Refacing
Key Repairs
Bridge Repairs
Frame Spraying and Cleaning
Caster Fitting
Pedal Repairs and squeeks